Delicious Sunday lunch is served at Varppi during 10.6 – 12.8. at 13.00 – 15.00.        Price 26/10 €/person.                                                                                                   Groups and overnight guests will be served with meals in order also in other times.

Varppi kitchen makes delicious meals by using local rawmaterials and recipies. Maltbased lingonberry bred, fried fish-filets and lamb in herbs are good examples. Vegetables, jams and juices are produced by our neighboures and salted nusrooms are collected in the closeby forest. Our own garden give many of the herbs. Alkoholic drinks are served.

Weddings in Varppi

As starters we recommend Musroomsoap och Disch with fish delicates. The mainmeal coud be fried fish filets or strongly tasting Highland bif. The meal coud be completed with some sveet local berries.

Disch with fish delicates

The meals for family bals vil be planed together with the customer.
Musicprogram och stories can be added .

Delicate cake and cofe