Guide dectinations on the isles

Equity2016Weaponship Equity – exhibition at Varppi – Fishingmuseum in Österö, – Rysberget, 4 destroyed ships out of Russian fleet, – Hostes Beata Vesterön memorial, – The place for unloading the Weaponship Equity, – The hiking path and old fishermans cottage in Söderskata, – Mikkelinsaaret, infocenter on World Heritage area, old fishing bace and more than 300 islands, – Compasroses, stone laburints and ovens on the island of Jeusan, – The natural harbour and outdoor destination on the island of Kalkskär.

Local market and fishing museum in Österö

Cofebrake at Söderskata fishermans cottage


Guide dectinations in mainland

Cofe´Klemetsintalot and local museum, – Svanhild Petrolays home- and Sundayschoolmuseum, – Maksamaa church from 1824, – Tottesund Manor from 1600-s, – Nabben old loadin harbour, today a summerrestaurant.

Tottesund Manor

Klemetsintalot, summercofe´