Equity-day since 100- years sunday 29.10.2017

 Equity-memorial day in Vesterö Finland in sunday 29.10.2017 at 13.00 a`clok

Aselaiva Equity näyttely Exhibition

It is now one hundred years since the ship loaded with 150 tons of weapons arrives Vesterö Finland. Gustav Petzold was the captain and Karl Rönholm was the pilot. Eight Finnish soldiers  trained in Germany stepped on shore here and joined the civil guards in the country to take part in the Finnish war of independence.

Welcome to join the program.


Last public cruising this summer

Mikkelinsaaret day 4.9.2016

Departure from Varppi by boat at 10.00 a´clock, arrive Kummelskär at 12.00  Salmon soap. At 13.00 Runosointu performance in Tower and tour to Krokskäret with Stone labyrints. At 14.00 second tour to Krokskaret and second Runosointu   performance. Way back home start at 15.30 a´clock.2015-08-23 12.25.57

The cost

Transportation, guide   in boat and Krokskäret, cafe   and bun on the way back make 45 € for adults and 30 € for children < 12 years. Weather reservation.

Salmon soup 13 € for adults and 8 € for children < 12 years.

Additionally cafe, ice cream, pots and bakes.